Was founded in 2018 in Finland to promote sustainable lifestyle solutions using architecture and design as methods of communication to achieve desired outcomes. KULMIO believes in making decisions based on impartially researched facts for creating better living environment for now and generations to come. Our operating area is Finland and Northern Europe.


We believe that good design is 



Design is connecting nature to human created environment and there are variety of design options for different outcomes. The results can be measured by research and indicators given by feedback which of many come years after. Now in even more intensive cities, people spend over 90% of their lifetime in build environment so creating designed environment with right sustainable principles and professional way of executing is an investment for future.

KULMIO is specialised in industrial product and package design. The company's architecture design services were merged with the services of TUPA architecture Ltd at 2020. All work is designed with the latest design tools suitable for the process.



  • Project inspection

  • Conceptual design

  • Product and industrial design



We consider new projects by their intended outcomes and customize the services according to the needs. In case of a new project, feel free to contact for more information.




Petteri Kääriä

M.Sc.Architect SAFA

Founder, CEO

KULMIO is run by a Finnish architect interested in meaningful and sustainable design. Petteri has studied at the Tampere University of Technology and at the University of Canberra and has a qualification to work as a leading designer in building projects around Europe. Petteri has experience in variety of projects in Finland and around the world.