• Petteri


KULMIO blog is aimed for people interested in architecture, building, design, healthy and sustainable way of living. The aim is to offer information of today’s essential topics and gather like-minded people and challengers to join the dialogue. The posts are mostly columns, articles and news about design, the influencing forces as well as building project showcases.

The idea of starting the blog was to create a culture of building better quality environment which is affecting all of us. A realisation of the situation came to me in an architecture office where I was designing buildings that were not making the environment better. I just couldn't write my name on the designs anymore. One of the vital things is to provide people the knowledge to demand certain quality and know the risks they are taking for themselves and for the environment if they choose not to. There is a need to improve the way of building the environment an it all starts by knowing the reasons behind the decision making forces in the industry. The world is changing and so should the building industry. How well are we prepared for the future’s Mega trends, urbanisation, digitalisation, population growth and climate change with resource scarcity? The idea is to also to help designer’s frustration with providing guiding principles for a more meaningful way of designing.

The author, Petteri Kääriä is a Finnish architect running an architecture studio KULMIO Ltd in Finland